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By Galex
#209515 I really enjoy this server. They have quests made for you have things to do all the time. You can battle with npcs that looks like competitive times. You can farm and build you're own house. You could search for your favorite pokemons and got lucky and get one with different visual style. So i think it was the best server i see in years of pixelmon. Almost other's server you just stop playing because you finish all the stuff and realise that you dont have anything more to do.

My IGN : iXross
By BaronFlynt
#209609 Haven't been on long but so far I am enjoying myself, liking the regular questions for the small rewards. Think it's better than how some servers handle it. Though my main reason for my choice to continue playing is the friendliness of the staff and players. That and the plethora of quality of life add ins. _Flynt