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By LavenderCove
#210067 As a non-battler, I always thoroughly enjoyed the contests in the Pokemon games, BDSP being a disappointment. You'd imagine my surprise when I browsed the suggestions list with keyword "Contest" and found only 6 results, with only 1 ACTUALLY being about contests, BACK IN 2019

I can't possibly be the only one with this contest shaped hole in my heart, am I?
So the following will be suggestions on the topic at hand, borrowing some concepts from my fellow Contest Coordinator in 2019.

1. Making pre-generated Contest Halls appear throughout the world like the Gyms and Pokemon Centers, in these Contest Halls, just as in the games, you can pick what category and rank you'll be competing in. You could compete against other randomly generated NPCs or other players!

2. To put the obvious aside, moves will need their respective contest stats, and ribbons should be given to winners, it'd be cute if you could see your Pokemon wear the ribbons, but I can see how that'd be too difficult

3. Decorative Pokeballs, perhaps have a decoration table where you can right click and decorate away, adding some flair to your thrown Pokeball!

4. How the Contest would actually work
Here, I'm going to try to kind of mix ORAS and BDSP
So 1st, the Introduction Stage
-Pokemon will be judged based on the item they hold, and their corresponding Contest stat, which can be increased with Pokeblocks, just like in the games! Perhaps shiny and variant Pokemon can get some extra points.

2nd, the Rhythm Stage
-This is where we implement BDSP's feature, just a simple rhythm game to keep the trainer engaged.

3rd, the Talent Round
-This is where most of your points are gonna come from, and we'll be taking from ORAS since BDSP's Talent Round is a little brain dead.
-The Talent Round will involve you using specific Pokémon moves in order to gain appeal of the judges and crowd, and boost your excite meter. There are just five turns in which to perform these moves.
-Repeat the same move over and over, you will not get as many points.
-If you manage to hit the fifth star and fill the Excite Meter in your appeal, giving more points
-The most important change I want to add from ORAS's Talent Round, Mega Evolving a Pokemon will NOT add bonus points, this is to encourage the idea that ANY Pokemon has a chance to win this, wouldn't want everyone to toss in the same Megas for big points

4th, the Finale
-At the end of the Contest, your score then gets added up, and there we go!

-Obviously the Ribbon, but we can also add Stickers to add to your ensemble, berries, money, ect.

I believe the Pokemon Contests are exactly what Pixelmon players need to spice things up.
I encourage anyone to comment and contribute to what you think about this Contest System and what it needs, let's do our best to spread Contest love!