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By AydenAc
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Right now the Pick-Up ability functions much differently from the original game version, providing a range of over 200 items with nearly no difference in the chance to find each of them than the loot tier they're a part of in the code.

This reworked Pick-Up ability returns to original form with a system of 11 items rotating depending on the level range, just like previous iterations. Instead of being a poorly taken copy of those systems though, this new one aims to allow players to use it intelligently, along with providing more consistent early game items for people who have it available by chance, and letting server owners create their own balance in a config file the way that they do with spawns already.

With this system players can hunt for specific items in a more informed and intelligent way. Instead of forcing players who want evolution stone armor to spend hours focusing primarily on just them, we can let players bring their Pokemon to the specific level range and gain them slower, but in a passive and more enjoyable way. This also helps with earning some items that have felt more like a loot box simulator than a goal. Specifically the Destiny Knot, Lucky Egg, Bottlecaps, and Battle Held Items. While they remain the rarest items of the system, having a way for players to actively earn items instead of praying for a lucky Pokeloot is a good feature that encourages thinking ahead.

From the casual side the current Pick-Up ability is almost worthless for players to earn, not even having a small chance to gain anything but Pokeballs, Potions, and Berries until over level 50. Once past that point though, evolution items become only a 20% chance, and all the way at level 100 tier 3 items still only have a 1% chance to be earned. On top of these obscenely low chances for items to even be above the first tier, tier 2 still has 140 items in it, and tier 3 has 37 items. With the current system, at best, players have a 0.0357% chance to get the item they want.

This system also allows server owners to balance their own economy in a special way using this, allowing communities with more competitive players to earn the required items in a way that still pushes for players to spend more time on without just giving the items to players the way that most servers do to remove the RNG. Servers that are based around adventure systems, such as recreated regions from the games or custom ones, are also given more room for customization from owners. Either by allowing consistent custom items, or just allowing a system that more accurately represents the games

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