Exciting new information regarding Pixelmon!

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By LordSamosa
#209717 The general section would be more appropriate but there are plans to update to 1.16+ by the end of the year. Other versions will likely follow that but 1.16 is first
By Adrayal
#209948 Hi,
i have a problem with pixelmon mod. while playing my notebook (asus rog strix g g731 - i7-9750H - 16,0 GB RAM - GTX 1660 ti) stops with bluescreen.
first i played with no issues. then i updated form 8.3.0 to 8.3.1 - changing it to 8.3.3 wich doesnt change the problem. so i changed back to 8.3.0 - now it happens less common but it happens.
to check if it is a problem with my notebook i played some days vanilla minecraft without bluescreen.
and i reduced the given RAM for the game from 8GB to 6GB
i updated every driver i could find - but is isnt better.
and i tried if it would be better if the setting in armoury crate isnt 'silence' but 'performance'
im really desperate lately...

sorry for bad english ^^"
hope someonecan help
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By SKyTheThunder
#212229 Pixelmon, much like about any actual mod, is only compatible with the original Minecraft Java Edition. The Bedrock Edition, which includes console versions, is based on an entirely different code base written in a different programming language. It also doesn't have the modding frameworks Java mods rely on.