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By SKyTheThunder
#210435 Holding down the R key (or whatever you rebound "send out Pokémon" to) enters "targeting mode":

Instead of directly throwing the Pokémon's ball as a projectile, the player can aim their crosshair at Pokémon, NPC Trainers or players to target them. A targeted Pokémon/Trainer will be highlighted with an outline to visually communicate that they're currently selected. On releasing the button, the player throws out their Pokémon at the targeted opponent, initiating a battle with them.

This feature would make it easier to target small or fast moving Pokémon, instead of trying to hit them and missing repeatedly. It should probably still be restricted to a certain range limit so it can't be abused over long distances though, communicated by turning the outline red if the target is too far away.
If you want to go all out, it could have an intermediary range that has a chance to hit, depending on distance. Though that might end up more annoying than helpful because you might waste time you could spend getting closer to the target on a miss...

By proclarushtaonasat
#211124 seconded! also field moves should become more userfriendly, like in legends of arceus, where you can foreage, simply by throwing your pokemon at a tree/rock.

one should be able to select field-moves, before sending out the pokemon (or in some cases be case sensitive, and activate automatically, like throwing a pokemon with headbutt at a tree).

Also, this way the move teleport, could also be used like an enderpearl, teleporting you to where you throw your abra, instead of only sending you back to the last healer. (at one point in legends of arceus story, teleport is used as a plot related utility, so...)

Further, pokemon should be able to pick up items, by throwing their ball at it. Like, when you drop a pickaxe in a hole...
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By SKyTheThunder
#211131 I believe Move Skills should stay bound to their own key and not have the possibility to trigger when sending out your Pokémon. Accidentally throwing a Pokémon with Cut at a log frame in your house and have it chopped down would be annoying. And a mixed form, with some triggering automatically and others not, would be inconsistent and confusing.

The Move Skill UI element could be present while the Pokémon is still in its ball, allowing you to switch and activate it without having to send out the Pokémon first. On pressing the "use Move Skill" button, the Pokémon would then be thrown out at that spot and initiate the selected skill.
Could also make them automatically return to the ball afterwards if it was initiated this way.
By proclarushtaonasat
#211133 that was pretty much what i was thinking. of course, volatile move skills like cut, dig etc, that break stuff should be activated manually, with forage being the default at all times, when switching to another mon.

its just that in pixelmon, forage hardly ever seems to get used, unlike loa. the only difference being really the number of buttonpresses needed.

also in many lets plays, the players dont even seem to notice the hud.

forage activating automatically, wouldnt really hurt anyone, and draw more attention to the system. sure some might complain about unwanted items cluttering the inventory, but one could handle it the same as autojumping and allowing the player to toggle autoforeage.