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By SparkyDaPikachu
#206359 As of current (8.1.2), only Gen1 flying mount pkmn have a new method of flying when mounted. However, the rest of the pkmnn seem to use the original flying method like usual.

I brought this up to a server of my own, and some seemed concerned on the new method's existance, even to the point of avoiding Gen1 flying mounts. Some are willing to try it out, while others seem pretty frustrated about it.

With this being said, I bring this Suggestion to ya. If possible, maybe add a way to toggle between flying methods. Whether it be a button or something in the control settings client-side, or even a config thing if it has to be server-side.

ALSO, I noticed that it isn't possible to fly in reverse or hover in place with the new method, so I'd like to suggest that as well. Probably possible if able to go to speeds 0 or lower/negative.

By Gretskies
#211357 I agree with everything you've said, but for different reasons!

I mostly prefer the new flying method for Gen1. I find that it's more stable and better for flying long distances much more quickly. However, it's extremely difficult to use over short distances, and the semi-hover ability from the other generations is much better for that.

I would also like a toggle function between the two flight types for all Pokémon of all generations.
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By 9Tales
#211358 I also agree that there should be a toggle. Maybe if you press the use key while not holding anything or looking at anything interactive, it will change mount type.

Gen 1 flying as the "long distance" flying, and horse flying as the "short distance" flying. I know horse flying is just a temporary flying style for the current beta release, but I find it easier to control than the old Gen 2-8 flying.