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By MarshmallowMan71
#211711 IDK about you guys, but id love to see an item, that could be called, idk, the pokemon net or pokemon stand. When clicked, it opens a menu like a breeder, but you can only select one pokemon. You are then able to select what direction the pokemon is looking. It keeps its animation, unless you disable it. It could be crafted by

Iron Bars | Iron Bars | Iron Bars
Sticky Plate | Sticky Plate | Sticky Plate

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By 9Tales
#211715 I don't see how this is any different from the chisel. However, being able to change the direction that the statue is facing within the statue editing menu is a concept that I am in favor of, as currently you have to replace the statue to change the direction, and you also have to rely on standing in the right place as the statue will face the player when it is created. Also, I wouldn't mind if chisels are craftable or if another item that can create these statues and is craftable gets added.
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By SKyTheThunder
#211719 I agree on the rotation part.

The chisel is restricted to creative use because even with our best efforts to optimize performance, Pokémon models are quite resource intensive. Allowing players to freely place statues would impact servers and can get messy. Additionally they can currently only be broken with a chisel and can have a solid hitbox, allowing for many ways to grief others.
While there may be ways to balance it for survival use, it's not easy to find a viable setup that won't cause issues. For now I don't see it happening, especially with our time bound up by other tasks.