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By philipjackson
#211753 Hello everyone, I have a question

I've looked at the wiki, but in the locations where Deino is supposed to spawn I've never seen it.
I think the wiki isn't updating because there are sharp conflicts between pokemon pages and items/creature pages. So does any of you know where this little dog is?

Thank you

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By SKyTheThunder
#211754 The wiki is currently in the process of being updated, so not all info might match between pages.
However, Deino has always spawned in mountainous biomes. You can check what exactly is included in the listed biome category, by clicking the link. Additionally, it's a rare spawn and spawns at rather high levels - by default the level range of wild Pokémon will be around your team's highest level, so if that's too low, Deino won't be able to spawn.