By aBlackOnyxz
#212016 I wasn't sure how to go about the title of this suggestion, but I hope I was able to get across the basic idea!

I'm currently working on a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon based world and I'm trying to have Pokemon placed around, some at very specific locations. Currently all I have to work with is the Ranch Block which is causing a number of issues such as all Pokemon facing the same direction, leaving quite a few shopkeepers with their face in the wall, as well as Pokemon needing to be pushed back into position every time after loading the game and sometimes after loading the chunk and much less control than I'd like over where each Pokemon is.

My suggestion for this issue would either be Pokemon as NPCs, at least in the form of chatting NPCs. This would just be having the option to pick a Pokemon for the model of the NPC. Another suggestion would be having a block I could place that I could set a Pokemon to, just like the Ranch Block, that has the Pokemon stand only on that block and facing towards a direction that could be changed for each block. I am not too bothered by being able to talk to them, but having them where I want them would be really helpful.