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By ConDucktor
#212070 So I noticed that every flying mount pokemon uses this jump to fly mechanic that, frankly, is annoying. I last played on 8.3.6 and there was a much better flying mechanic for all gen 1 pokemon that let us fly, steer, hover, speed up, and slow down at will. I've read every changelog from the christmas spheal to the lastest version and NONE of them mention anything regarding the change to or removal of said flying system. So why does it not work anymore? I was hoping that it would've been implemented to every flying mount by now and not completely removed. As it stands flying is just an annoying an unfun form of travel. I'd love to hear an official statement if possible.

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By SKyTheThunder
#212071 The 9.0.x releases are currently in Beta and not all features have been fully (re)implemented yet.
With the update from 1.12.2 to 1.16.5 covering 4 major MC releases including some of the biggest internal changes the game has seen, several mechanics require a full or partial rewrite to be usable on the newer version. From what I've heard, that includes both old riding systems - so to not be stuck without mounting at all currently, this temporary mechanic based on Vanilla horse riding was added for the time being.