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By SaintMorsel
#212128 If not i'll just drop it here, PLA style battle hud where you can just move around during battle, with a keybind to remap to third person, first person, or regular battle screen, where in third and first, the battle menu is on the Arrow buttons for attacks, and during battle, the 1234 buttons would be for the other options, Like 1 for Party 2 for Battle, 3 for Bag, 4 for Run/Forfeit, with the rest of the buttons being able to select other options, and arrows to move down to second page (assuming bag), with the buttons being remapped to the 2nd page, or in bag it just pops forcing mouse clicks like it do now, since mouse wouldn't work during most of this, presumptuously, I understand if the idea sounds dumb, but just a idea