By TheAGExperience
#212151 Entirely different from my other better spawner suggestion I swear.
However, I'm thinking that, just in the future -- the Better Spawner could maybe be thrown into a series of .json files as opposed to one gigantic .json?
Essentially a .json for blocks, one for biomes, etc.

This is to make adding compatibility files easier, such as if someone wanted to add support for Better Nether without erasing someone else's Better End support, and, if you can get into it, there's even a way to make any compatibility data pack NOT replace the original one. Farmer's Delight does that fairly well, and I'm sure there's a few other mods that do it too but looking through that gave me this idea.
tl;dr: A way to make the Better Spawner config more of a plug-and-play thing.

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By SKyTheThunder
#212165 Could maybe be done splitting each biome/block category into its own file, sorted into respective sub-folders. That way you could override individual categories only, or - in the case of biome categories - add new ones to the "biome_categories" folder to add more biome categories.

Not sure if the customization benefit outweighs the extra clutter though. That would be a dev decision.