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By XeLaNoiD
#211623 Hi,
There is already an option to replace Vanilla Villager with pixelmon NPC.
1.12.2 - replaceMCVillagers=true
1.16.5 - replace-m-c-villagers: true

I want to suggest another option to be added like:
cure-zombie-villager-into-vanilla-villager: true

That way all normally spawned villager should be pixelmon NPC
But, if you have already activated vanilla mobs :
allow-vanilla-mobs: true
then in conjunction with the proposed feature
cure-zombie-villager-into-vanilla-villager: true
zombie villager could be cured with the standard method (potion of weakness/golden apple) to "spawn" vanilla villager into the world and make available core MC features (iron golem spawning/trading)

Thank you