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By 9Tales
#212926 There are five forms of MissingNo, and each one of them, including the Red/Blue form MissingNo that people often recognize as MissingNo, learns TM moves in the Gen 1 Pokemon games. Despite this, MissingNo is not able to use any Kanto TMs and HMs in Pixelmon.

I'm aware that MissingNo is meant to be an error handler in Pixelmon and not meant to be actually used in battles, but many battle-related traits about Red/Blue MissingNo such as base stats were implemented correctly. Furthermore, MissingNo is completely usable in battle if you give yourself one with the Pokemon Editor or something. Nothing breaks. I don't think it would hurt to include the TM/HM movepool for it.

Here is the archived page for MissingNo from a well known website on Pokemon glitches called Glitch City Laboratories. It details the TM/HM movepool for Red/Blue MissingNo, as well as Yellow MissingNo's movepool:

I think that the Red/Blue TM movepool should be implemented since MissingNo's model and base stats are based on Red/Blue MissingNo. However, I can also see the Red/Blue and Yellow TM movepools being combined since that's what was done with the level-up learnset.