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By Jephon
#212258 We have the option currently in species jsons to set which evolution rock can evolve a pokemon into which evolution however these values (best I can figure) are hard coded in.

My thought would be to allow us to specify a placed block as an "evolution stone".

Code: Select all{
"evolutionRock": "pixelmon:pc",
 "maxRangeSquared": 30,
 "evoConditionType": "evolutionRock"

The above is just a quick example I threw together but hopefully gets the point across on what I'm looking for/hoping for.

Adding the possibility for nbt data could also be even nicer in the future but I'm trying not to push my luck here..

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By Jephon
#212939 Wanting to bump this. Location based evolution or customizable evolution triggers (similar to moss rock and ice rock) would be so nice!!!

Entity evolution triggers would work just as well if that was possible if needed. Just need the ability to add nbt tags.