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By RoxxiedaPunk
#213323 Hello, would it be possible for the Better Spawner Feature to be reimplemented or added to the Pixelmon Mod? So that you can stop Pokemon from spawning in specific areas, cause currently as it stands, they spawn on pretty much anything and everything, so it makes it hard to create spawns/hubs on Pixelmon servers cause they keep getting filled with Pokemon, the only thing that stops them from spawning there aside from completely disabling spawns in to set up a repeating command block that does /pokekill, but I've heard that it also kills all the other Pokemon in the world so I'm stuck with a dilemma, either stop the spawns entirely, or have the area be filled with Pokemon. Also for anyone that doesn't know what I mean about the better spawner option, here's an excerpt from the Spawning page from the Pixelmon Mod Wiki:
"How can I stop spawns in this one area or dimension?

You can enter the Better Spawner/Config and edit the dimension section. You can remove the dimension ID for wherever you do not want the Pokémon to spawn. Conversely, you can also use this method to add new dimensions for Pokémon to spawn in. To stop spawns within a certain area you can dictate this by editing the "globalCompositeCondition" and set an anticondition with minX, maxX, minZ, and maxZ. This will create a boxed area where Pokémon will not spawn naturally. If you are on a server you can also use plugins such as GriefDefender and set specific flags to stop spawning within a claim." -Pixelmon Mod Wiki, wiki/Spawning
Also here's a link to the Page about the Better Spawner: wiki/Better_Spawner/Config

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By LordSamosa
#213325 The Betterspawner config was never removed, unsure where you heard that from.
If this is 1.16.5, you now configure it using a datapack. Open up the jar and copy the Betterspawner config file into a datapack. Then edit it.
If you need an example or further support, please ask in our Discord
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By SKyTheThunder
#213350 You can find the "betterspawnerconfig.json" inside the mod file (opened like a zip archive) under "data/pixelmon/config/".
After setting up the basics of your Data Pack, just copy that file into your pack under the same path and edit it to your liking there. The file itself should work like it did in the 8.x versions.
Once saved, you can install your Data Pack into a world and test it.