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By NilourWillow
#214363 Hello, guys, can I ask about the future development direction of Pixelmon mod?

Pixelmon mod means a lot to me. I learned about Minecraft through Pixelmon mod. In the process of playing pixelmon mod, I found that pixelmon very restored the mode and content of the original pokemon. This allows us to experience the fun of war in Minecraft. After playing for a while, I think Pixelmon mod will not change for a long time, but when the mod version came to 1.16.5, I found that the module seemed to be seeking change. So I wonder if this is true? Can you tell me what updates mod plans to make in the future? Or tell me where I can see it? I'm sorry I don't know where to find out.

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By SKyTheThunder
#214402 We don't have any roadmap or the likes about plans for future releases available publicly, no. Partially because as a project done by volunteers, plans may change quite a bit over time - and being locked into a set plan can sap the fun and motivation out of it. Plus, it's hard to plan out a schedule for something people do in their free time, and delays or cancelled features will only create disappointment in the player base.
The closest we have is the "#upcoming-changelog" channel in our Discord, where features get listed as they become ready for the next upcoming release.

As for the chages lately: Since the move to MC 1.16.5 required a lot of reworks in many places, we used that opportunity to address some of the features that have been on our backlog for an overhaul for ages (like Ultra Space or Apricorn/Berry trees). Others were made necessary because their old versions couldn't be ported over as-is, so they had to be reworked (like Riding or Structures). There have been bigger reworks like those across Pixelmon's entire release history, but with all of those happening so close to another, it may seem like a radical shift. It's really just chance that they all got released within a year (work on 1.16.5 has been going on in the background since at least end of 2020).
We're always looking to improve the mod overall, and that includes not getting stuck on outdated features. I know some decisions may not be too popular in the moment - be it due to legitimate concerns or simply just nostalgia for the previous iteration -, but players can always give constructive feedback and suggest changes in the Suggestions forum: viewforum.php?f=146

There are some plans for overhauls, additions and changes floating around in the team internally, but it's not my place to go public with those. Look forward to what future versions might bring. :D