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By 9Tales
#211436 Players are gradually gaining the ability to wear different Pixelmon items, so I think Heavy-Duty Boots should be able to be worn on the boots slot.

Since Heavy-Duty Boots negates the effects of entry hazards lying on the holder's side of the field, I think that wearing Heavy-Duty Boots will allow the player to ignore the effects of standing on, standing in, walking on, or walking in some of the following blocks:
  • Magma blocks
  • Fire
  • Soul fire
  • Cactus
  • Wither roses
  • Sweet berry bushes
  • Cobwebs
  • Soul sand
  • Campfires
  • Soul campfires
  • Ultra Forest Flowers
  • Ultra Desert Cacti
  • Ultra Deep Kelp
  • Ultra Deep Seagrass

Here are a few images showing the idea:

Maybe Pokemon holding the Heavy-Duty Boots will also gain these effects.

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By dhi2awesome
#211453 This would be a great addition, to allow for improved gameplay and extra use of items, as well as having a consideration of running shoes vs high defense vs anti-terrain damage, or set bonuses of the stone armours if that still exists
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By 9Tales
#212921 With the new Ultra Space biomes and their plants, I'd also like to bring up that maybe Heavy-Duty Boots can be used to avoid the effects of Ultra Space plants like Ultra Deep Kelp, Ultra Desert Cactus, and Ultra Forest Flower.

Particularly the flower, since the ground in Ultra Forest is covered by a large amount of them and they can be difficult to avoid stepping on. I often have to walk on the canopy to avoid them, and that means that I can't enjoy the beautiful scenery under the canopy.
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By Morty2k
#214901 I was just about to jump on and suggest something I heard someone suggest when in voice chat the other day on the server i'm admin on so as per the rules and guidelines ive searched to check for suggestions similar to my one I intend to suggest.

I was gonna suggest that Heavy-Duty boots when worn in boot slot could negate the anti-gravity feature of Ultra Space entirely so that people can more easily fly on their pokemon there, use elytras to traverse or on servers that have /fly its not floating you up to Y:1000 when afk?tab out for whatever reason. ;-)