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By bman1028
#215055 I have spent roughly 10-15 hours in the Ultra jungle region just trying to find either poipole or buzzwole and have not been able to find either. I've tried to use dragon, poison, bug and fighting strong lures to try to raise the spawn chance but I cannot get either of them to spawn. I am on 9.1.2 and I was wondering if theres a config that can be changed on a server to increase the chance of Ultra Beasts in particular.

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By SKyTheThunder
#215058 What is your team's highest level? By default only Pokémon close to your level can spawn around you (uncaps at 50+, allowing for the full spectrum). Since all Ultra Beasts spawn at rather high levels - Poipole at 40, Buzzwole at 60 - they won't be available at lower levels.
I recommend having a Pokémon above lvl 50 on your team and testing with the "/checkspawns" command in their conditions to see if they can spawn.