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By SnowBlitzz
#213076 Image

MirageCraft is now on Pixelmon 9.1.0 for Minecraft 1.16.5! (open beta) Install the modpack and join now on

CurseForge modpack:
Technic Modpack:

This has been our biggest and most ambitious update so far! It wasn't easy to get here with the increasing amount of road blocks this version has, so thank you for everyone who has supported the server! We will continue to add more features in the coming months as per the roadmap.
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By 600N
#213302 MIragecraft has one of the best gaming communities out there! It's loaded with awesome custom content that you can't find anywhere else. Come swing by for a while and check us out. :-D
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By SnowBlitzz
#213449 Hey everyone! Today we are opening the Nether and The End dimensions! :-D We are trying a new approach. These are now resource worlds where breaking and placing are allowed, but we do not recommend anyone to build their home here, as these worlds will be reset every 6-12 months (if needed) in order for the resources to regenerate. The border for these resource worlds is 8000 in diameter, which is significantly larger compared to the 2500 diameter border before.

You can warp to these worlds with /warp Nether or /warp End respectively. Player-made portals will remain disabled, but you can use /rtp here and explore as you like.

We hope you have a great time hunting and catching Pokémon here as well as gathering unique resources with all the new biomes in 1.16.5 combined with BYG biomes!
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By SnowBlitzz
#215310 We are happy to announce that the Gyms and Elite4 are now back! 4 difficulty tiers - 18 Gyms, with an Elite 4 and Champion on each tier, totaling to 92 new challenges! Can you beat them all? /gyms to try them out. Good luck and have fun!