By RawwrRob
#215759 It would be very nice to have certain Pixelmon decorations to have additional interactions for quest and flavor purposes. For example:

pixelmon:tree - A player could interact with the block to "cut" it, making it invisible and allowing a player to pass though it temporarily. This would be very cool to recreate the cut bushes from the original games for quests. I've been getting around the lack of this feature by using tags and command blocks to set the block to air temporarily when a tagged player is near. If this were implemented, it would be nice to be able to restrict the "cut" mechanic on trees until a particular quest is completed (maybe just a permission node?)

pixelmon:boulder - A player could interact with the block to "break it", making it invisible and giving them a random item or an encounter with a random ground or rock Pokemon. This would recreate the Rock Smash mechanics from the original games.

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By 9Tales
#215761 Tree - I agree with having the Cut moveskill work on it. Maybe it would regenerate after 1 hour, after 1 Minecraft Day, or when the player that last cut the tree moves a certain distance away from it. Also could see about having it "disappear" for only the player that cut it.

Boulder - The Rock Smash moveskill is a thing (currently affects certain stone blocks), and maybe that could be used on the boulders. We don't necessarily need to have it spawn a random Rock-type or Ground-type Pokemon though, since Rock Smash has its own spawn pools per biome in Pixelmon.
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By Jephon
#215970 Maybe, boulder could be temporarily pushed. That would be a unique feature for sure but how it would be implemented, I have no idea.

It would add to the already existing puzzle blocks though and could be useful for map making.