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By DiamondDX
#215992 is the mod alive? otherwise, there have been no updates for several months. and there is no news either. total silence ((

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By SKyTheThunder
#215994 Historically, several months between updates used to be the norm. While we've recently been trying to keep a shorter release schedule, we can't always make that work. Just because we don't release within a couple weeks doesn't automagically mean the project is abandoned...

And there have been plenty of little reveals and teasers all over our media presence. The Discord updated the upcoming changelog earlier today, the Twitter has been active again, the Reddit got some teasers and there have even been update previews on Youtube already.
By DiamondDX
#215995 thanks for the reply. glad to hear that everything is in order.
and so yes, now there is a lot of work. still, 9 gene that introduces a lot of new things. balance change, new Pokémon, new mechanics and items, and more. I hope the work of the project team is going well and without problems. looking forward to the news. it's a pity not to use all the networks where you could follow the news. I use only the project site and YouTube.
By DiamondDX
#216079 update as ordered. the development of new biomas in the ultra space is very pleasant. it is good that debuffing was made on iron and aluminum pipes, otherwise it would be resources too easy for mining
I hope that in the future they will add more new biomes, including new forms for the paradox