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By Jond22
#216837 This feature basically would allow those who write commands to read and execute data based on what Pokemon are in a player's party or possibly PC. To me, ideally if a player runs
Code: Select all/data get entity @s
, their party Pokemon could be read and modified in addition to their playerdata.

Another possible implementation I've found is a slight change in the behavior of the /poketest command. In my testing, attempting to detect a Mudkip, and apply a score of 1 if true to a dummy scoreboard objective, I used the command
Code: Select all/execute store result score @s PokeHave run poketest 1 mudkip
However, the result of the command stores a value of 1 upon success, and failure to match the spec of Mudkip in slot 1.

If the behavior was coded slightly different to store a 0 on failure to find an appropriate spec, that would essentially introduce this feature as well through these data store commands. In this method, if a Pokemon is not in the slot at all, /poketest fails to find anything, and results in a 0. But a present Pokemon with the incorrect spec still runs the command, and outputs a 1 even when the result is the Pokemon does not match a species spec. Image