By khaotangs
#216842 I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to make a new form of a Pokémon? Like a new kind of form, kind of like a shiny without replacing the shiny or normal texture? (Sorry I’m bad at explaining things)

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By SKyTheThunder
#216852 You can add new palettes to Pokémon via Data Pack, by defining them in their respective species files under "data/pixelmon/species/". There you can define the namespaced resource path to your custom texture, sprite and/or model (only need those that differ from the default). For reference you could look at the files for Pokémon that already have different palettes defined, like Ratatta or Caterpie.
The assets you're referencing also need to be added via Resource Pack of course.

If you want your custom palettes to spawn naturally, you'll also have to add spawn sets for them under "data/pixelmon/spawning/". As with the species files you can reference the same existing examples here as well.