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By RufusJunior
#216953 I know that the Combat Breed of Paldean Tauros is an ultra-rare spawn in the savanna biomes, but I've never seen the Blaze Breed or Aqua Breed spawn. When looking at the spawn locations info in the pokedex, all three of the Paldean Tauros forms should spawn in the savanna biomes. Using the /checkspawns command along with strong lures and abilities that boost fire and water type spawns, I can see the Tauros spawn rate changes according to the pure fighting type Combat Breed Tauros and neither the Blaze Breed nor Aqua Breed Tauros. I don't think all three can spawn there, but maybe I'm just wrong. If anyone has ever seen Blaze Breed or Aqua Breed Tauros spawn naturally, then please let me know.

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By SKyTheThunder
#216955 While all 3 fall under the "Ultra Rare" bracket of spawns on the wiki, the variation in that can be quite vast. In most cases it's more confusing to list the actual rarity value, because players keep mistaking them for percentages instead of the relative weights they are.
However, here the Blaze and Aqua Breeds have overall 1/100th the spawn chance of the Combat Breed respectively (being the explicitly domesticated forms) at a rarity of "0.05" vs. "5.0". So using boosting Lures/Abilities will lower the chances for Tauros to spawn overall, with the more common form becoming comparably rarer - but they still boost the respective form correctly.