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By Jonfirexbox
#216161 ☁️ PixelSky ☁️

This is a brand new 1.16.5 pixelmon server and we are looking for some staff to come help out!

Check out the list below for more info:

What we need:
• Builders - To help with build projects
• Dev - Help out the owner (Jon) with making the server good and helping with ways to making players experience great! (Don’t need to know how to code!)
• Admin - People who know what they are doing and can help make sure nothing is wrong with the server!
• Moderators - Help around the server and making sure we have no hackers or anyone that will harm the server!

If your interested message me on discord at Jonfirexbox#8859
Or messaging me on here (or just reply to this post!)

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By Jharjo
#216661 I have over a decade of experience with administrating, I like to help out new servers to get started and provide advice to the team. If you're interested, DM me.
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By ooDVG
#241064 Hey! DVG here,

Im interested in helping you with a Moderator position.

Allow me to introduce myself,

I am a small discord bot developer and bot manager for a few friends server and I mostly play Hypixel. I am a streamer on twitch and a VALORANT enjoyer (I know, right).