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By pegasokra
#239034 Hi guys! One of my friends are starting a pixelmon server in the coming weeks to celebrate the start of our summer vacation, and I was told to look into it a bit to understand what exactly pixelmon is and how it works, and I’m admittedly still a little confused. I just have some starting out questions, cause I’m struggling to find exact answers. I’ve been an avid Pokémon fan my whole life, and have become a huge Minecraft fan in the past few months as well, just to offer a frame of reference :)

how much of the mod is played like vanilla Minecraft? Do you still go mining for materials? Is building houses and communities still a huge part of the mod? Or is it mostly auto generated and plays more like an open world Pokémon game (I.e. Pokémon scarlet and violet)

can every single player in a lobby obtain a legendary Pokémon? I understand legendaries are a rare spawn, but I am confused as to whether they can respawn so every player can have the chance to get their favorite legendary, or is it a first come first serve type deal?

What are the shiny odds in this mod? If there are any at all? (Shiny hunting is an aspect of Pokémon I’ve always loved!)

does the game have a formal campaign or “story” you play through? Or is it more of a open world where you do what you want?

Hopefully none of these are dumb questions, I just wanna try starting on the same foot as my friends, so we can all have fun in the server. Thank you!

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By SKyTheThunder
#240759 Pixelmon tries blending the gameplay of both Minecraft and the Pokémon games together into what's essentially an open-world sandbox Pokémon game.

Mining and crafting are still huge parts of the gameplay, with Pokéballs, medicines, various tools and machines being craftable. You could go without it for some of those, since PokéCenters and PokéMarts generate in the world, and some of the craftable items can be found from various loot sources - but others, like machines required for certain legendary spawns can only be obtained through crafting:
Base building is up to you. With hostile mobs not spawning naturally it's not a requirement for safety - but it always helps to have a home to store your items and set up your machines.

Legendary Pokémon are not capped and can each be encountered and caught multiple times. Some may be more common or easier to find than others though - and by default, shrines aren't reusable (can be changed in the config), which puts a soft-cap on those ones:

The shiny rates in Pixelmon are roughly equivalent to the original games (base rate 1/4096), although some of the math for boni is a bit simplified compared to the convoluted system the original games use (multipliers instead of additional rolls), and there are some adjusted or unique methods to integrate them into Minecraft's gameplay better. No Pokémon is shiny locked, so you could technically shiny-hunt anything:
No reset-farming though, due to how MC saves work.

The world does feature a wide variety of structures to explore - from villages with Gyms, Daycares, TCG Shops and more over various Waypoints and Hidden Grottos with loot inside, to Shrines and other points of interest where specific Pokémon or Bosses are encountered - spread out across all Minecraft dimensions, including 2 unique ones:
There are also a number of Quests offered by villager NPCs, which can range from mundane fetch quests to Pokédex completion all the way to core mechanics or legendary encounters:
Pixelmon has no overarching story or goal however, and you're completely free to decide your own path, like in Minecraft.

You can find a number of guides and further info on our wiki - from the basics all the way to in-dept customization:
I hope that helped. If you have any further questions, always feel free to ask.
By AlvinCervante
#241375 Shiny odds in Pixelmon mirror those in the main Pokémon games, making shiny hunting just as thrilling and rewarding.
As I recall, Pixelmon has no campaign or story mode identified. The game goes like some kind of free-roaming adventure, whereby one gets to be out and about training Pokémon as he or she interacts with other players.
Don't worry, your questions aren't dumb at all! Well done with starting to play Pixelmon with friends. And as you go about on your merry way exploring and discovering the pixel-like creatures of Pixelmon, pop in some BSL shaders. They might honestly change your gameplay experience drastically.