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By Kile467
#242362 I'm pretty sure this has already been considered (or suggested) but I would like to suggest some things related to the sounds in battle that would improve the player experience.

- Pokémon making a sound when thrown to battle (or the pokéball outside battle).
- Attack sounds. (For saving time -> Generic attack sound -> Generic attack type sound -> Concrete attack sound). I know sounds are quite big regarding size, so the generic approach would be awesome.
- Small UI sounds when openning the bag, escaping or selecting an attack. Careful her, because a bad choice could result in a repetitive sound and we don't want to bother players.

This sounds with the current battle soundtrack will result in a thrilling and immersive battle experience.

Sounds are often overlooked in videogames. When all the sound design works is often ignored, but when there are bad sounds it is a very negative impact in the experience.

Let's improve this aspect in the mod!