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By SnowBlitzz
Become a Gym Leader
We are excited to announce a new opportunity for our most competitive players to shine- the chance to become a Gym Leader! This is your chance to step up, showcase your skills, and create a challenging gym for fellow trainers to conquer!

For the format, we'll be following Smogon's National Dex closely, but not too exact as Pixelmon does not have terastallization yet. Both Gym Leader and challenger follow the clauses set on the Gym menu
ImageRequirements for Applying:

Defeated the Tier 3 Champion.
Active member of the server and Discord.
Demonstrates good sportsmanship and competitive spirit.

How to Apply:
If you meet the requirements and are ready to take on the role of a Gym Leader, please fill out the application form in our discord's applications channel
You can apply for multiple types if you can handle it

Excited to challenge player Gym Leaders? Give it a few days as we recruit leaders for each type!

Server IP:

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By SnowBlitzz
We have updated to Pixelmon 9.1.11

Download our modpack here:

Server IP:
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By SnowBlitzz
Attention adventurers! We're thrilled to unveil our latest feature: Guilds!
Prepare to embark on a journey of camaraderie, competition, and conquest alongside your fellow trainers.

Key Features:
Easy Creation: Form your guild effortlessly using our intuitive user interface.
Easy Management: Take charge of your guild using our comprehensive management tools.
Guild Ranks: Create custom ranks within your guild, each with specific permissions and duties.
Guild Chat: Stay connected with guildmates through dedicated chat.
Guild Warps: Seamlessly travel between locations with guild-specific warps.
Guild Bank: Store and manage guild funds with ease through the guild bank feature.
Guild Stars: Earn 1 star every half week, showcasing your guild's activity and dedication.
Applications: Prospective members can apply to join your guild, allowing you to review and approve new recruits.
Upgrades: Invest in your guild's growth through member and warp limit upgrades, as well as permanent boosters that benefit all members.
Tax System: An equitable tax system to sustain each guild's operations and benefits.
Guild Wars: Brace yourselves for the a new way to test your skill and strategy. Coming Soon!

Create your Guild today!
Start by typing /guilds then follow the interactive menu and prompts from there!
Guild Creation cost for the first week is 50% OFF!

Server IP:
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By SnowBlitzz
Old School Breeding Returns!
Egg-citing news! We are reintroducing the classic "Old School" breeding system aka Ranch Breeding, bringing back the nostalgic breeding mechanics from Pixelmon 1.12.2!
What to Expect:
Transfer of Pokémon: Pokémon previously placed in the modern daycares will be automatically transferred back to your party or PC upon joining the server.
New Daycare Ranches: Modern daycares will no longer function. Re-placing the daycare or setting up a new one will grant you access to the old school breeding ranch block menu.

How Does Ranch Breeding Work?
Place down a daycare block, which will now be a "ranch" block.
Setup environments around the ranch for your Pokémon to feel comfortable. Example: Grass types like to have crops surrounding them and fire types like fire or netherrack (each block has a satisfactory level ranging from 1-4)
Place 2 compatible breeding pairs onto the ranch - they will roam around the block. If the breeding pair is comfortable with their environment, their breeding stage will go up and an egg will be produced faster.
Wait for the egg!

Rediscover the joy of setting up environments and breeding Pokémon in the way many trainers remember fondly.

Learn More:
For detailed guide, check out our wiki: Ranch Breeding Guide

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By SnowBlitzz
Season 5: Ben 10
Calling all heroes and heroines! Get ready to unleash the power of the Omnitrix as we dive into Season 5: Ben 10!

Our Premium Pass is packed with amazing rewards that provide exceptional value for the cost! Unlock 20 epic looking Ben 10 Alien Themed Pokémon (3 of which are legendaries!) and a treasure trove of goodies that will leave you awestruck! All of these Pokémon are emissive, which means they glow in the dark!

You can now purchase the premium pass using Mirage Crystals through /buybattlepass as an alternative to the Donation Store.

Season 5 will last for approximately 3 months (Ends in August 13, 2024)

Server IP:
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