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By TheAceSpace1000
#243482 I would like to suggest a pixelmon launcher. One just like the old one, but not for beta, as it is not in beta anymore. It would be easier and simpler to download it from this website and play on any version. I also would like for the launcher(if you guys see this and deem my suggestion decent enough) to be similar but not the same as the old one. I would also like most if not all of the features to be added from the beta launcher. Last but not least, I would like to keep the beta launchers music. This would be very good as it is nostalgic and would help me remember when I used to play on the beta launcher. Thank you.

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By SKyTheThunder
#243484 I don't think that's something we can or should focus on right now. It would be an extra project to create and maintain, which would divert development effort away from the mod itself.

There are also a bunch of other popular launchers out there already, some of which we actively support (CurseForge, Technic, AT Launcher). We'd only end up needlessly competing with these options which are focusing all their effort into this one functionality, while ours would be a lower priority side project outside our main scope.

As for the music, the "Launcher Medley" track that was created for the old launcher is used as the main menu theme ingame if you have our OST resource pack installed. (Can be found here: