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By Tanthin
#243487 Welcome to TheHut, where we offer a close knit community based around Pixelmon and Minecraft. We aren't your usual money grabbing server only in it for the money or the big numbers, the only thing we want as a team is to make peoples gaming experience better and at the end of the day, a nice community to be a part of. The whole theme of the server is fantasy/pokemon being on modded Minecraft. Modpack called Pixelmon and you can find it on Curseforge or similar launchers.

Even though our server is riddled with custom things like quests, armours, etc, we want more... we want to go even more in depth and we cant do that with a little extra help to help us with these massive plans of ours.


Builders: People who are looking to turn our ideas into wonderous builds.
Developers: Help us create custom plugins and features.
Lore and quest creators: Develop engaging stories and quests to add depth into our server.
Marketirsng manage: Help us push our social media and boost our analytics.
Management: Assist the teams listed above and help with tasks assigned.
Discord Moderators & Admins: Assist with keeping the server a clean, friendly environment.


We are looking for passionate team members to join us and help us give back to the community with the best of the best staff to provide one of the best servers they have ever played. Come join this community driven project.


Interested in joining our project? either reply to this forum or add me on discord @tanthin

Many thanks,
Andy and Tanthin