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By Blaycon
#198937 Greetings,

I'm relatively new to this stuff but I'd love to help as much as I can with it. Any tips and advices are welcome.

What do you think about this?

Update 1: Mesh cleaned.

Update 2: Fixed face angles.

Update 3: Added Spewpa.

Update 4: Scatterbug's head widened, eyes less derpy. (needs minor corrections to the side of the eyes).

Update 5: Fixed Spewpa's confetti and increased its texture resolution.

Update 6: Added Vivillon (Meadow Pattern).

Update 7: Fixed Scatterbug's textures.

Update 8: Made some minor changes to Scatterbug and Spewpa's meshes and added shading to textures.

Update 9: Made minor changes to Vivillon's mesh and added shading to texture.

Scatterbug | Show

Scatterbug by Blaycon on Sketchfab

Spewpa | Show

Spewpa by Blaycon on Sketchfab

Vivillon (Meadow) | Show

Vivillon by Blaycon on Sketchfab
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By SKy2008
#198953 You may want to clean up the mesh on its belly:

Other than that it looks very good to me.
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By Blaycon
#198969 The model in the original post has been updated.

I went a save back and got a cleaner (not decimated) mesh, face count went up a bit but I believe it is still reasonable.

It seems to have a small issue on the chest when it is "lit" or "MatCap" on sketchfab, but it seems fine in "Shadeless". Any idea on how to fix it? or maybe it doesn't matter as long as the mesh is fine?
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By SKy2008
#198976 It seems the smoothing is messed up a bit. Looks like it's curving inward, not outward as it should. Manually removing and reapplying all smoothing groups might be able to fix that. I'm not entirely sure about that though - I don't have much experience in Blender myself.
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By Blaycon
#198979 I did some investigation on what you said, turns out some faces were in difficult angles. All I needed to do was recalculate the normals.
Thanks for the help!

Once more the original post has been updated with the fixed model.

Also, I added the Spewpa model I've been working on. I think it was fine overall, but I'm not that happy with the "confetti" on its body as it makes the mesh look messy. Any ideas on how I can make it without adding so many triangles around it?
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By elxanderOMG
#198999 Scatterbug: his face looks a bit derpy compared to the official pokemon Image also the head should be wider

Spewpa: fix those glitch parts on the colour squares and smooth the black lines a bit, they're too pixelated Image Image
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By Blaycon
#199000 I updated them with the changes you mentioned, hope I did it right XD.
Also added Vivillon for feedback.

If you notice anything else let me know and I'll change it as soon as I see it.

Thanks for your feedback!