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Apricorn tree

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Apricorn trees are plants that bear Apricorns when fully-grown. These trees can be found in every biome where vanilla Minecraft Trees naturally spawn in the overworld. Each color of Apricorn has its own respective tree, and all types of Apricorn trees spawn at the same rate. The visible Apricorn on a tree can be taken by interacting with the leaf that is holding it.


Apricorns can be replanted on grass and will grow into a full Apricorn tree just like vanilla Minecraft's trees. The leaves on the trees have three stages, it starts as a normal leaf and as time passes it grows a flower. In its last stage the flower grows into an apricorn which can then be harvested.

Apricorn trees do not require a source of water to grow, unlike Minecraft's other plants, but require a light level of 9 in order to grow, using a Wailmer Pail or bone meal on the apricorn sapling helps it grow into a full tree. It is not possible to harvest an apricorn sapling after the apricorn is planted. Apricorn tree logs like normal ones can be destroyed faster using an axe and the logs can be used for crafting certain wooden items.


This is a full list of biomes that Apricorn trees can spawn in.




Old apricorn tree models.

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