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Apricorn tree

From Pixelmon Wiki
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Apricorn trees are plants that bear Apricorns when fully-grown. These trees can be found in every type of Forest biome. Each color of Apricorn has its own respective tree, and all types of Apricorn trees spawn at the same rate. The visible Apricorn on a tree can be taken by interacting with the tree.

Apricorns can be replanted on grass and grown to make more Apricorn trees. Each planted Apricorn tree has six stages of growth that it progresses through as time passes, starting at the first stage with a newly planted Apricorn and culminating in the sixth stage when the tree's Apricorn can be picked. Once picked, the Apricorn tree will revert to its fourth growth stage. Apricorn trees do not require a source of water to grow, unlike Minecraft's other plants, but require a light level of 9 in order to grow, using a Wailmer Pail or bone meal on them will advance their growth by one stage, although a Wailmer Pail can only be used occasionally on a tree. Breaking an Apricorn tree will produce a single piece of oak wood. An axe can be used to break Apricorn trees faster.

A maximum of 32 Apricorn trees can be planted per world chunk. This limit can be adjusted by altering the "maximumPlants" config setting.


This is a full list of biomes that Apricorns can spawn in.

Config settings

  • "allowPlanting": If set to false, Apricorns cannot be planted.
  • "maximumPlants": The maximum number of Apricorn trees that can be planted in a world chunk.



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