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Beast Ball

From Pixelmon Wiki
Grid Beast Ball.png

The Beast Ball is a Ball that has a 5× catch rate when used on Ultra Beasts, and a 1x catch rate on used on Celebi; it has a 0.1x rate on all other Pokémon. Unlike all other Poké Balls, Beast Balls have no chance of breaking if thrown against a block.

The Beast Ball can be obtained in Ultra Space, either as a random drop from Beast Chest loot, from certain structures found in Ultra Desert biomes, or from Legendary PokéStops.

The Ultra Beasts the Beast Ball can catch are:


Pokémon drops

Main article: Drops

Pokémon Chance Quantity
Nihilego 50% 1-2
Buzzwole 50% 1-2
Pheromosa 50% 1-2
Xurkitree 50% 1-2
Celesteela 50% 1-2
Kartana 50% 1-2
Guzzlord 50% 1-2
Naganadel 50% 1-2
Stakataka 50% 1-2
Blacephalon 50% 1-2


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