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From Pixelmon Wiki

The Beast Ball is a Ball that has 5× catch rate when used on Ultra Beasts, yet only a 0.1× catch rate for any other Pokémon.

The Beast Ball is a kind of Pokéball that can catch Ultra Beasts with more probability than any other kind of Pokéball. It can be obtained as Beast Chest Loot.

As of 7.3.1, a Beast Ball can also be used to summon an Alien Celebi by right clicking the Ilex Shrine with the Beast Ball in hand.

Beast Balls, similarly to almost all other Pokéballs can be thrown outside of battle, and without hitting a pokémon target, can break, but will not give its lid, since it does not exist in-game.

The Ultra Beasts the Beast Ball can catch are:

Pokémon drops

Pokémon Chance Quantity
Blacephalon 5% 1
Buzzwole 5% 1
Celesteela 5% 1
Guzzlord 5% 1
Kartana 5% 1
Naganadel 5% 1
Necrozma 5% 1
Nihilego 5% 1
Pheromosa 5% 1
Stakataka 5% 1
Xurkitree 5% 1

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