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Better Spawner

From Pixelmon Wiki

The Better Spawner is a new entity spawning system introduced in Pixelmon 6.0.0 and the sole spawning system starting from Pixelmon 6.3.0. It is capable of handling item, Pixelmon NPC, and Pokémon spawning but can be expanded to handle any kind of entity. All information on what entities spawn and where is backed by JSON files. These can be modified from, by default, pixelmon/spawning/ if the Pixelmon Config has useExternalJSONFilesSpawning enabled. The directory the external JSONs will load from, and many other performance-related options can be modified in the Pixelmon config. The default options are recommended for singleplayer as well as multiplayer with fewer than 100 players.

Many more options for the Better Spawner exist in the Better Spawner config.

Important components when modifying how things spawn:

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