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Breeding Requirements

From Pixelmon Wiki

In order for two compatible Pokémon to breed, they must be supplied with the neccessary item requirements. There are three different item requirements for each type by default. A Pokémon's item requirements will only depend on its primary typing (E.g. Gastly will only require the items from the ghost category). If you were to breed two different pairs of gastly's you would need to get two times the amount of items then if you were to only breed one pair.

Daycare requirements.png

The item requires corresponding to each type are as follows:

Item Count
Grid Flint and Steel.pngFlint and Steel 5
Grid Lava Bucket.pngLava Bucket 2
Grid Blaze Rod.pngBlaze Rod 2
Item Count
Grid Scute.pngScute 3
Grid Water Bucket.pngWater Bucket 2
Grid Fresh Water.pngFresh Water 5
Item Count
Grid Grass.pngGrass 5
Grid Oak Leaves.pngOak Leaves 3
Grid Grass Block.pngGrass Block 3
Item Count
Grid Block of Redstone.pngBlock of Redstone 2
Grid Glowstone.pngGlowstone 3
Grid Redstone Lamp.pngRedstone Lamp 2
Item Count
Grid Leather.pngLeather 10
Grid Hay Bale.pngHay Bale 3
Grid White Wool.pngWhite Wool 3
Item Count
Grid Brewing Stand.pngBrewing Stand 1
Grid Mycelium.pngMycelium 3
Grid Slime Block.pngSlime Block 3
Item Count
Grid Clay.pngClay 3
Grid Brown Hardened Clay.pngBrown Terracotta 3
Grid Soul Soil.pngSoul Soil 3
Item Count
Grid Ice.pngIce 10
Grid Blue Ice.pngBlue Ice 3
Grid Snow Block.pngSnow Block 3
Item Count
Grid Block of Coal.pngBlock of Coal 2
Grid Skeleton Skull.pngSkeleton Skull 1
Grid Obsidian.pngObsidian 1
Item Count
Grid Dandelion.pngDandelion 2
Grid Cobweb.pngCobweb 3
Grid Spider Eye.pngSpider Eye 3
Item Count
Grid Eye of Ender.pngEye of Ender 5
Grid Bookshelf.pngBookshelf 3
Grid Clock New.pngClock 2
Item Count
Grid Iron Block.pngIron Block 3
Grid Iron Bars New.pngIron Bars 3
Grid Silver Block.pngSilver Block 2
Item Count
Grid Feather.pngFeather 10
Grid Glass.pngGlass 3
Grid Target.pngTarget 3
Item Count
Grid Ghast Tear.pngGhast Tear 10
Grid Soul Torch.pngSoul Torch 3
Grid Soul Sand.pngSoul Sand 3
Item Count
Grid Oak Planks.pngOak Planks 3
Grid Bricks.pngBricks 3
Grid Temple Brick.pngTemple Brick 2
Item Count
Grid Block of Diamond.pngBlock of Diamond 1
Grid Gold Block.pngGold Block 2
Grid End Stone.pngEnd Stone 3
Item Count
Grid Cake.pngCake 1
Grid Lily of the Valley.pngLily of the Valley 3
Grid Chorus Fruit.pngChorus Fruit 3
Item Count
Grid Boulder.pngBoulder 5
Grid Granite.pngGranite 5
Grid Stone.pngStone 10

Once both Pokémon have been supplied with the necessary items, the breeding process will begin by selecting the green tick.

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