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From Pixelmon Wiki

This is a list of controls added by Pixelmon. The keybindings for these controls can be changed in-game at Options→Controls menu.

Default Pixelmon keys

  • R: Send out/retrieve Pokémon.
  • & or [ & ]: Change selected Pokémon in GUI.
  • O: Show/hide party GUI.
  • Right-click: Mount Pokémon/Use item on Pokémon.
  • V: If an owned Pokémon is sent out, pressing this key while the cursor is over a wild Pokémon will cause the currently sent out Pokémon to chase down the wild Pokémon and engage in battle with it.
  • G: Use currently selected Move Skill.
  • B: Cycles through external moves if a Pokémon has more than one.
  • I: Opens the Pokédex. If the player is looking at a Pokémon, the Pokédex will navigate directly to that Pokémon's entry, and will be registered as "seen" if it hasn't been seen or caught before.
  • K: If the player is holding an item, this key opens up the item's page on this wiki or the Minecraft Wiki in the player's internet browser, depending on the item. If the player is looking at a block and not holding an item, this key opens the respective wiki page for that block.
  • Y: If the player is looking at another player who is in a battle, this key causes the player to begin spectating the other player's battle.
  • P: Open the Pixelmon config GUI.
  • U: Open the player's Trainer Card.

Riding controls

There are two different sets of riding controls depending on the enablePointToSteer config option (enabled by default). Riding controls are tied to standard moving controls, and therefore are changed by changing the respective Minecraft controls.

enablePointToSteer enabled

  • W: Move forward.
  • S: Move backwards.
  • Move mouse: Turn left/right.
  • Space bar: Jump/Ascend.
  • Left shift: Dismount.

enablePointToSteer disabled

  • W: Move forward.
  • S: Move backwards.
  • A: Turn left.
  • D: Turn right.
  • Space bar: Jump/Ascend.
  • C: Descend (if flying/swimming).
  • Left shift: Dismount.

new flying behavior

Some flying Pokémon (currently those of Generation 1) use a new flying mechanic, which more closely resembles actual flight and allows for more control.

  • W: Tilt forward.
  • S: Tilt backwards.
  • A: Strafe left.
  • D: Strafe right.
  • Move mouse: Turn left/right.
  • Space bar: Take off/Accelerate.
  • Left ctrl.: Decelerate.
  • H: Hover in place.
  • Left shift: Dismount.
while hovering
  • A: Strafe left.
  • D: Strafe right.
  • Move mouse: Turn left/right.
  • Space bar: Ascend.
  • Left ctrl.: Descend.
  • H/W/S: Deactivate hovering.
  • Left shift: Dismount.

Battle camera controls

If the playerControlCamera config setting is enabled, it is possible to move the camera while in a Pokémon battle. These controls are not affected if Minecraft controls are changed.

  • W: Move camera up.
  • S: Move camera down.
  • A: Move camera left.
  • D: Move camera right.
  • Q: Zoom in.
  • E: Zoom out.
  • Right-click + drag: Move camera.
  • Mouse scroll: Zoom camera.

Default PC keys

  • W: Change the wallpaper of the box.
  • S: Search the box for specific Pokémon.
  • R: Rename the name of the box.

Default quests keys

  • M: Cycles through all available quests.
  • N: Opens the quest journal.

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