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Covered Fossil

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Covered Fossils can be obtained from mining Fossil blocks or very rarely when using Forage on sand with a Ground-type Pokémon. There are fifteen different covered Fossils, each turning into a different type of Fossil when cleaned with a Fossil cleaner. All covered Fossils are labeled as "Covered Fossil", without naming the actual identity of the Fossil.

Name Pokémon Note
Grid Covered Helix Fossil.png Covered Helix Fossil Omanyte
Grid Covered Dome Fossil.png Covered Dome Fossil Kabuto
Grid Covered Old Amber.png Covered Old Amber Aerodactyl
Grid Covered Root Fossil.png Covered Root Fossil Lileep
Grid Covered Claw Fossil.png Covered Claw Fossil Anorith
Grid Covered Skull Fossil.png Covered Skull Fossil Cranidos
Grid Covered Armor Fossil.png Covered Armor Fossil Shieldon
Grid Covered Cover Fossil.png Covered Cover Fossil Tirtouga
Grid Covered Plume Fossil.png Covered Plume Fossil Archen
Grid Covered Jaw Fossil.png Covered Jaw Fossil Tyrunt
Grid Covered Sail Fossil.png Covered Sail Fossil Amaura
Grid Covered Bird Fossil.png Covered Bird Fossil It must be combined with either a Drake fossil or a Dino fossil.
Grid Covered Fish Fossil.png Covered Fish Fossil It must be combined with either a Drake fossil or a Dino fossil.
Grid Covered Dino Fossil.png Covered Dino Fossil Arctozolt (Bird Fossil)
Arctovish (Fish Fossil)
Grid Covered Drake Fossil.png Covered Drake Fossil Dracozolt (Bird Fossil)
Dracovish (Fish Fossil)

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