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Cut (external move)

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Cut is a move skill that can be used by Pokémon knowing the move Cut. It can be used to cut down trees, leaving behind the wood blocks as dropped items. It can also cut down manually built structures that are made out of wood. Wood blocks are dropped as if the player was using an axe with a Fortune II enchantment.

The range of Cut includes the block the player is pointing at and any connecting blocks above or to the sides of that block (including diagonal directions). Cut will function on any type of wood block, but it will not work on other wood-based blocks like wood planks. It will also not affect leaves.

The number of wood blocks that can be cut down with Cut depends on the Pokémon's Attack stat; if the Pokémon's Attack stat is insufficient to cut down the wood structure, Cut will do nothing.

Below 300 Attack, the number of wood blocks that can be cut is determined by the formula, Attack-1/299*99+1 (rounded down). With an Attack stat of 300 or higher, there is a configurable limit of 100 blocks that can be cut down at once.

Cut's cooldown time is dependent on the Pokémon's Speed stat and the size of the tree that was cut down.

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