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Dig is an external move that can be accessed by Pokémon with the move Dig. Using the move causes the Pokémon to break and harvest the block the player is pointing at and the blocks in a cube centered directly under that block. However, it is only able to harvest specific blocks:

The size of the cube that Dig will affect depends on the Attack stat of the user.

Attack stat Cube size
<151 3×3
151-300 5×5
>301 7×7

Additionally, Dig has a lower limit of what height it will function at that also depends on the Pokémon's Attack stat, according to the formula, 74-37(Attack-20)/90 (rounded down). This limit can be as high as 80 (y coordinate) for very low Attack stats, with the limit descending steadily as the Pokémon's Attack rises. In order to be able to use Dig regardless of height, the Pokémon must have at least 198 Attack.

Dig's cooldown ranges from 6.6 seconds to instant (no cooldown) depending on the Pokémon's Speed stat, according to the formula, 2(200-Speed)/3. At least 200 Speed will allow Dig to have no cooldown.

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