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From Pixelmon Wiki
Draining Kiss
Type FairyType.pngFairy
Category  Special
Power  50
Accuracy  100%
PP  10
Priority  0
Target  Single target
TM/Tutor  None
External move  None

Draining Kiss is a damaging Fairy-type move that restores the user's HP by 75% of the damage dealt.


By level

Pokémon Level Type
Jynx 1 IceType.pngIce PsychicType.pngPsychic
Ralts 22 PsychicType.pngPsychic FairyType.pngFairy
Kirlia 23 PsychicType.pngPsychic FairyType.pngFairy
Gardevoir 23 PsychicType.pngPsychic FairyType.pngFairy
Gorebyss 11 WaterType.pngWater [[File:{{{4}}}Type.png|16px|link={{{4}}}]][[{{{4}}}|{{{4}}}]]
Luvdisc 9 WaterType.pngWater [[File:{{{4}}}Type.png|16px|link={{{4}}}]][[{{{4}}}|{{{4}}}]]
Froslass 23 IceType.pngIce GhostType.pngGhost
Spritzee 21 FairyType.pngFairy [[File:{{{4}}}Type.png|16px|link={{{4}}}]][[{{{4}}}|{{{4}}}]]
Aromatisse 21 FairyType.pngFairy [[File:{{{4}}}Type.png|16px|link={{{4}}}]][[{{{4}}}|{{{4}}}]]
Vivillon 25 BugType.pngBug FlyingType.pngFlying
Swirlix 31 FairyType.pngFairy [[File:{{{4}}}Type.png|16px|link={{{4}}}]][[{{{4}}}|{{{4}}}]]
Slurpuff 31 FairyType.pngFairy [[File:{{{4}}}Type.png|16px|link={{{4}}}]][[{{{4}}}|{{{4}}}]]
Sylveon 20 FairyType.pngFairy [[File:{{{4}}}Type.png|16px|link={{{4}}}]][[{{{4}}}|{{{4}}}]]
Klefki 31 SteelType.pngSteel FairyType.pngFairy

By prior evolution

Pokémon Type
Gallade PsychicType.pngPsychic FightingType.pngFighting

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