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From Pixelmon Wiki

End is a Better Spawner Category that contains by default the following biomes:

Vanilla Biomes

Biome Biome ID
End Barrens minecraft:end_barrens
End Highlands minecraft:end_highlands
End Midlands minecraft:end_midlands
Small End Islands minecraft:small_end_islands
The End minecraft:the_end

Biomes You'll Go Biomes

Biome Biome ID
Bulbis Gardens byg:bulbis_gardens
Bulbis Gardens Edge byg:bulbis_gardens_edge
Cryptic Wastes byg:cryptic_wastes
Ethereal Clearing byg:ethereal_clearing
Ethereal Forest byg:ethereal_forest
Ethereal Islands byg:ethereal_islands
Imparius Clearing byg:imparius_clearing
Imparius Grove byg:imparius_grove
Ivis Fields byg:ivis_fields
Nightshade Forest byg:nightshade_forest
Purpur Peaks byg:purpur_peaks
Shattered Desert byg:shattered_desert
Shattered Desert Isles byg:shattered_desert_isles
Shattered Viscal Isles byg:shattered_viscal_isles
Shulkren Forest byg:shulkren_forest
Viscal Islands byg:viscal_isles

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