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From Pixelmon Wiki

Certain aspects of Pixelmon, including special drops, NPCs, and structures, can be edited through JSON files. These files can be accessed by enabling their respective useExternalJSONFiles config setting(s) and then starting Minecraft, or restarting the server. Enabled external JSON files will show up under a newly-created pixelmon folder in .minecraft or the server root, depending on the side they're being edited on. JSON files can be edited with any plain text editor.

External JSON files should be edited carefully, as bad edits can potentially result in unexpected behavior from Pixelmon. Certain tools (such as JSONLint) can be used to verify that files are formatted correctly. If necessary, deleting the external JSON folder and restarting will cause fresh files to be regenerated.

After editing external JSON files, they will need to be reloaded in order for the changes to take effect. Shopkeeper and NPC files can be reloaded in-game via the /pokereload command. All external JSON files are reloaded after restarting the game or server.

The following types of external files can currently be enabled:

File type Description
Drops Governs drops from bosses and wild Pokémon, as well as PokéLoot Chest loot.
Moves Governs stats and rules for battle moves, as well as any graphical effects.
NPCs Governs many Pixelmon NPC-related settings, from shop items and possible trades to translations.
Rules Governs rulesets and tiers for competitive battling.
Spawns Governs what Pokémon spawn where, when and how. Includes fishing, bosses and Cave Rock/Grass spawns.
Stats Governs Pokémon stats, EV yields, evolutions, whether they can be mounted, move lists and more.
Structures Governs what structures can spawn, and where. Only affects new chunks.
Quests Governs default and custom quests.

Please note: When Pixelmon is updated, internal copies of the above files may change but externals will not. If any are enabled, keep a close eye on the changelogs and refresh or update files where necessary. Outdated files may cause issues, or contain bugs that have since been fixed.

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