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Eye of Ender

From Pixelmon Wiki

For information on Eye of Ender in vanilla Minecraft, see this page.

Grid Eye of Ender.png



Item Ingredients Crafting recipe
Eye of Ender Ender Pearl +
Blaze Powder

Ender Pearl

Blaze Powder

Eye of Ender


Pokémon drops

Main article: Drops

Pokémon Chance Quantity
Lugia 100% 1-3
Ho-Oh 100% 1-3
Ralts 10% 1
Kirlia 10% 1
Gardevoir 30% 1-2
Deoxys 50% 1-2
Uxie 30% 1
Mesprit 30% 1
Azelf 30% 1
Eternatus 100% 1-3


Main article: Forage

Item Biome Quantity Rarity
Grid Eye of Ender.pngEye of Ender The End 1 50


Before update 8.1, this item could be foraged by Pokémon of certain types.

Pokémon type Block Chance
PsychicType.pngPsychic Grid End Stone.pngEnd Stone 14.286%

Eye of Ender used to be part of the following crafting recipe, which is no longer working:

Item Crafting recipe
Dubious Disc

Aluminum Plate


Aluminum Plate

Eye of Ender



Aluminum Plate


Aluminum Plate

Dubious Disc

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