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Fell Stinger

From Pixelmon Wiki
Fell Stinger
Type BugType.pngBug
Category  Physical
Power  30
Accuracy  100%
PP  25
Priority  0
Target  Single target
TM/Tutor  None
External move  None

Fell Stinger is a damaging Bug-type move that raises the user's Attack by two stages if the move knocks out a target.


By level

Pokémon Level Type
Beedrill 44 BugType.pngBug PoisonType.pngPoison
Ariados 1 BugType.pngBug PoisonType.pngPoison
Qwilfish 12 WaterType.pngWater PoisonType.pngPoison
Kricketune 36 BugType.pngBug [[File:{{{4}}}Type.png|16px|link={{{4}}}]][[{{{4}}}|{{{4}}}]]
Vespiquen 12 BugType.pngBug FlyingType.pngFlying
Skorupi 6 PoisonType.pngPoison BugType.pngBug
Drapion 1 PoisonType.pngPoison DarkType.pngDark
Leavanny 29 BugType.pngBug GrassType.pngGrass
Escavalier 1 BugType.pngBug SteelType.pngSteel
Genesect 21 BugType.pngBug SteelType.pngSteel
Togedemaru 20 ElectricType.pngElectric SteelType.pngSteel
Buzzwole 10 BugType.pngBug FightingType.pngFighting
Poipole 14 PoisonType.pngPoison [[File:{{{4}}}Type.png|16px|link={{{4}}}]][[{{{4}}}|{{{4}}}]]
Naganadel 14 PoisonType.pngPoison DragonType.pngDragon

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