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Fire Gym

From Pixelmon Wiki

The Fire Gym is a Gym that specializes in Fire-type Pokémon.


There are two different layouts for the Fire Gym.

Inferno Gym


The Inferno Gym consists of several platforms floating in lava. NPC Trainers are also present on these platforms. Players can jump between the platforms to progress through the Gym.

Partway through the Gym, there is a ledge for the player to cross. The ledge is initially inside the wall, and the player must activate a button and a lever to extend parts of the ledge. The lever is initially too far away from for the player to reach, so the button must be pushed first. Then, the player can walk onto the part of the ledge extended by the button in order to reach the lever. Falling leads to a pit with two NPC Trainers and a ladder to exit the pit and retry the ledge puzzle.

Further on in the Gym, there is another ledge to be crossed. This ledge has timed, button-activated pistons, and the player must time jumps to cross the ledge via the pistons' extended arms.

After this ledge and a few more platforms, the final platform containing Gym Leader Kasai can be reached.

Beacon Gym


The Beacon Gym is a tower that features a lava spire as its center. Players progress through the Gym by using a walkway that circles around the spire, encountering NPC Trainers along the walkway.

At the top of the tower, Gym Leader Kaen awaits.


The Fire Gym Leaders reward one of these Badges upon defeat:

One of the TMs/TRs below is also rewarded:




Inferno Gym

Beacon Gym

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