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Forge Placeholder API

From Pixelmon Wiki

Forge Placeholder API is a Pixelmon sidemod that manages placeholders.


Note: Command syntax is displayed in the standard Minecraft command format. An explanation of this format can be found here. There is currently only one command to list all active placeholder managers:

  • /placeholderapi
  • /papi
  • /forgeplaceholderapi
  • /fpapi

Required permission: papi.command

Creating Custom Placeholders

Add the follow to your build.gradle:

   repositories {
       maven { url '' }
   dependencies {
       compileOnly 'com.github.Pixelmon-Development.ForgePlaceholderAPI:api:0.0.1'

The repository allows you to add the dependency directly from jitpack. Ensure to replace the version tag (0.0.1) with the latest release from this repository.

Custom Placeholders

Upon adding the dependency you will then be able to extend the PlaceholderManager interface like so:

public class ReforgedPlaceholders implements PlaceholderManager<EntityPlayerMP> {

   public String getIdentifier() {
       return "reforged";
   public String[] getAuthors() {
      return new String[] { "Envyful" };
   public String getVersion() {
       return "1.0.0";
   public String getName() {
       return getIdentifier();
   public String onPlaceholderRequest(EntityPlayerMP player, String placeholder) {
       PlayerPartyStorage party = Pixelmon.storageManager.getParty(player);
       switch (placeholder.toLowerCase()) {
           case "dex":
               return String.format(
                       ((party.pokedex.countCaught() + 0.000) / Pokedex.pokedexSize) * 100
               ) + "%";
       return "UNDEFINED";


Once this interface is registered it will add the %reforged_dex% placeholder returning the logic found in the switch statement.

Registering Placeholders

In order for your Placeholders to be registered place your jar file inside the mods/ForgePlaceholderAPI/ directory on your server. Alternatively, you can register the placeholder directly using the method PlaceholderFactory#register

Placeholder Extensions

To add placeholder extensions navigate to the mods/ForgePlaceholderAPI directory (will auto-generate when the mod is first loaded) and place the jars into that folder. Upon the next server reboot the placeholders will be loaded into the ForgePlaceholderAPI mod and work for any mods/plugins using it.

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