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Pixelmon adds many custom cosmetics for players and their Pokémon. These cosmetics can be won in official giveaways or earned by other means, covered on each cosmetic's specific page. Giveaways are hosted by the Pixelmon team in the Pixelmon Discord, in the #all-hail-pixelbot channel. These giveaways are entered by clicking the Pixelmon logo emote underneath the giveaway bot's message.

The Trainer Hat, Scorbunny Hood, Winter Cloak and Wizard Robe can be used by any player that has linked their Pixelmon forum and Minecraft accounts.

Giveaway Cosmetics

The following cosmetics are obtainable via Discord giveaways. If you have been lucky enough to win a giveaway, you will be contacted by a member of the Pixelmon team via a Discord private message some point after the giveaway. They will ask for your Pixelmon forums account, which must be linked to your Minecraft account through PixelLink or the Microsoft linking option. You will never be ask for any passwords or other private data by the Pixelmon team, and they will have one of the staff roles in the Discord.

Non-Giveaway Cosmetics

These cosmetics may be available via Discord giveaways but are also obtainable through other means. More detail can be seen on their specific pages.

Use Cosmetics

In versions for 1.12.2 you can use the /redeem gui command to gain access to the cosmetics GUI and enable the cosmetics you want.

If you're using the 1.16.5 versions of the mod however this has been moved to the "Pixelmon" button within the pause menu.

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