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Gold Bottle Cap

From Pixelmon Wiki
Golden bottlecap.png

The Gold Bottle Cap is an item that increases the stats of a maximum level Pokémon to act as if the pokemon has perfect IVs. When you right-click a maximum level Pokémon with this item, every stat (HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed) which does not already have a perfect IV will be increased (as opposeed to the Silver Bottle Cap, which increases one stat only).

Gold Bottle Caps are obtainable via fishing and Max Raid Battles.

Bottle caps only affect the IVs for battling purposes. It does not affect the type of Hidden power and also does not affect breeding.



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Fluid Rod Biome ModID Time Rarity
Grid Water.pngWater Grid Super Rod New.pngSuper Rod Oceanic 0.1%

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