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Grid Good Rod.png

A Good Rod is an item that can be used to fish Pokémon that are found in water. It has a 1/100 chance of being dropped by a Fisherman when defeated and can also be rarely obtained when using Forage on water with a Water-type Pokémon. The Good Rod can also be crafted. It is possible to catch rarer Pokémon with a Good Rod than a Old Rod. The possible catches depend on the biome that the player is currently in. It can be used on either Water or Lava.

Blaze Rod

Blaze Rod

Blaze Rod


Ultra Ball

Good Rod

Possible catches


Grid Bug Gem.pngBug Gem Jungles Day Any 50
Grid Dragon Gem.pngDragon Gem Mountainous Night Any 50
Grid Electric Gem.pngElectric Gem Mountainous Day Any 50
Grid Fairy Gem.pngFairy Gem Flowery Day Any 50
Grid Raw Fish.pngFish Any Any Any 50
Grid Flying Gem.pngFlying Gem Hills Night Any 50
Grid Ghost Gem.pngGhost Gem Forests Night Any 50
Grid Grass Gem.pngGrass Gem Plains Day Any 50
Grid Ice Gem.pngIce Gem Freezing Dusk Any 50
Grid Poison Gem.pngPoison Gem Swamps Dusk Any 50
Grid Psychic Gem.pngPsychic Gem Birches Dawn Any 50
Grid Water Gem.pngWater Gem Oceanic Dawn Any 50
Grid Amethyst.pngAmethyst Oceanic Any Any 30
Grid Black Sludge.pngBlack Sludge Swamps Any Any 30
Grid Crystal.pngCrystal Oceanic Any Any 30
Grid Dawn Stone Shard.pngDawn Stone Shard Taigas Dawn Any 30
Grid Diamond.pngDiamond Oceanic Any Any 30
Grid Emerald.pngEmerald Oceanic Any Any 30
Grid Leaf Stone Shard.pngLeaf Stone Shard Forests Dusk Any 30
Grid Ruby.pngRuby Oceanic Any Any 30
Grid Sapphire.pngSapphire Oceanic Any Any 30
Grid Sun Stone Shard New.pngSun Stone Shard Birches Day Any 30
Grid Water Stone Shard.pngWater Stone Shard Oceanic Dusk Any 30
Grid Super Rod New.pngSuper Rod Any Any Any 5
Grid Ice Stone Shard.pngIce Stone Shard Freezing Day Any 30
Grid Pearl.pngPearl Oceanic Any Any 15
Grid Big Pearl.pngBig Pearl Oceanic Any Any 5
Grid Pearl String.pngPearl String Oceanic Any Any 1
Silver bottlecap.pngSilver Bottle Cap Oceanic Any Any 4
Grid Blue Shard.pngBlue Shard Oceanic Any Any 10


Pokémon Biome Time Rarity
Carvanha Oceanic, Jungles, River Any Uncommon
Barboach River, Swamps Any Uncommon
Whiscash River,Swamps Any Ultra Rare
Basculin River, Jungles, Swamps Any Uncommon
Carvanha Oceanic, Jungles, River Any Uncommon
Sharpedo Oceanic, Except Freezing Dusk, Night Ultra Rare
Chinchou Deep Ocean Any Uncommon
Lanturn Deep Ocean Any Ultra Rare
Clamperl Oceanic Any Uncommon
Clauncher Beaches, River, Oceanic Dawn, Day Uncommon
Corphish River, Swamps Any Uncommon
Dewpider River, Swamps Any Very Rare
Araquanid River, Swamps Any Ultra Rare
Dratini Ocean, Deep Ocean Night Ultra Rare
Feebas Swamps Any Ultra Rare
Finneon Oceanic Any Uncommon
Lumineon Oceanic Any Ultra Rare
Frillish Oceanic Night Uncommon
Froakie Swamps Any Ultra Rare
Frogadier Swamps Any Ultra Rare
Goldeen Swamps, River, All Forests Any Uncommon
Seaking Swamps, River, All Forests Any Very Rare
Grimer Swamps, Evil Any Very rare
Horsea Oceanic Day Very Rare
Seadra Oceanic Day Ultra Rare
Krabby Beaches Any Uncommon
Luvdisc Oceanic, Beaches Any Uncommon
Magikarp All, Except Arid and Mesas Any Uncommon
Roasted Magikarp All, in Lava Any Ultra Rare
Magmar Arid, Mesas In Lava Any Very Rare
Mantine Oceanic Day Ultra Rare
Mareanie Oceanic Any Uncommon
Poliwag Swamps, River Day Uncommon
Poliwhirl Swamps, River Day Uncommon
Remoraid Oceanic, Beaches Any Uncommon
Octillery Oceanic, Beaches Any Ultra Rare
Salandit Swamps, Mesas In Lava Any Ultra Rare
Seel Freezing, Except Freezing Forests Day Rare
Dewgong Freezing, Except Freezing Forests Day Ultra Rare
Shellder Oceanic Any Uncommon
Shellos Oceanic, Beaches Dusk, Night Uncommon
Gastrodon Oceanic, Beaches Dusk, Night Very Rare
Skrelp Oceanic Dusk, Night Uncommon
Slugma Arid, Savanna, Mesas Any Uncommon
Magcargo Arid, Savanna, Mesas in Lava Any Very Rare
Spheal Freezing, Except Freezing Forests Night Uncommon
Sealeo Freezing, Except Freezing Forests Night Rare
Staryu Oceanic, Beaches Night Rare
Tentacool Oceanic Day Uncommon
Tentacruel Oceanic Day Ultra Rare
Torkoal Arid, Savanna, Mesas, Mountainous In lava Any Rare
Tympole Swamps, River Night Uncommon
Palpitoad Swamps, River Night Uncommon
Tynamo Oceanic Any Very Rare
Eelektrik Oceanic Any Ultra rare
Wailmer Oceanic Any Uncommon
Wishiwashi Oceanic, Beaches Any Uncommon

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